Principal Teacher:


Walker McKenna

(Telephone: 01644 460269)
Head Teacher:

Jenny Smith
(Telephone: 01644 430259)

Our School


Carsphairn Primary and Nursery School is a single-teacher school situated in the heart of the village. Carsphairn has provided education for its children for over 250 years and the small school is still thriving and very busy.


The school comprises one main classroom and a second multi-purpose room which doubles as dining room and nursery classroom for the afternoon. The school is part of the Glenkens Cluster of schools which includes Carsphairn Primary, Kells Primary and Dalry Primary and Secondary Schools.


The Cluster Head Teacher is based at Dalry School, while the Principal Teacher at Carsphairn is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.


The Principal Teacher is in class for the major part of the week, and a second teacher is in class for the remainder of the week, offering children the opportunity to enjoy different teaching approaches, which is important in a small school.


Small schools offer many advantages to children and their education:

  •     Children learn to work and play together throughout their school life, regardless of age or ability.
  •     Children develop a caring and sharing attitude in and out of Class.
  •     By participating in a range of activities with other schools, children learn to make new friends.
  •     Children benefit from a small pupil:teacher ratio.
  •     Teachers can prepare work specifically aimed at individuals or small groups and their needs.
  •     Children see their own progression, as they compare with other age groups.
  •     Children take responsibility for many aspects of school life from a young age.


Carsphairn Primary has recently undergone a very positive HMIe Inspection in November 2009. The final evaluations of the primary school and nursery were noted as “good” and some aspects “very good”. It was also noted children are happy, confident and keen to learn.


In Carsphairn, we are proud of our small school!