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Martin Family History




Martin Family History


This family who lived at the Mine spread themselves far and wide. Alexander Martin 1808-1871 married Christina Park 1798-1867 a woman ten years older than himself.

Out of their 11 children the first two died in infancy, the first being born when her mother was 30 years of age. Another died in childhood but they brought up eight children — four boys and four girls. William died of consumption at Woodhead in 1863 aged 23 and is buried in his mother’s grave no. 135 in Carsphairn Churchyard.

In about 1853 four of them, three boys and a girl emigrated to America and their time at Pittston Pa. is mentioned in the history of the lead mining families who went there. Alexander senior followed his family to Pittston after his wife Christina died in 1867. He died there in 1871 but is recorded on the grave of his wife in Carsphairn Churchyard. (No 135)

Much of what we know about those who went to America is on the display boards and from those who remained here it is their oldest daughter Mary 1834-1916, who gave this area the largest legacy out of all this family. No less than eight different local families can trace their roots back to Alexander and Christina Martin.

Another daughter Grace married Archibald McGill — that information is in a separate folder







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