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Newspaper clipping - 'Enthusiastic Cadet'




Newspaper clipping - 'Enthusiastic Cadet'


One of the keenest air cadets who ever trained in Ayr has been killed in action – Flight Sergeant Campbell Mc Millan, R.A.F., only son of Mr and Mrs George McMillan, Carsphairn. His death at the early age of 20 is the loss of one of the most enthusiastic cadet and one of the most regular attenders at training, whose connection with the cadet movement went back to the Air Defence Corps, of which he was a member before the A.T.C. was founded. Readers may remember noting in the “Advertiser” how Campbell McMillan, as a young lad of 15 to 16, travelled 52 miles by road twice a week to attend his training in Ayr with the 137th Ayrshire Squadron. He used to motorcycle 11 miles from Carsphairn to Dalmellington to catch a bus, in which he travelled the remaining 15 miles; returning home the same night by the same methods. In this way he must have travelled little short of 8,000 miles in order to fit himself for flying duties. He was accepted by the R.A.F. for training as a wireless operator-air gunner, and graduated as sergeant-wireless operator in January, 1944. He was promoted flight sergeant last December, and took part in raids on the Tirpitz, the Dortmund-Ems Canal, and Bergen. He leaves a young wife, whose home is at Collingham, Nottinghamshire.





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