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McCulloch Family History (1)




McCulloch Family History (1)


The McCulloch family were very good dykers (builders of stone walls) who lived in Carsphairn for many years.

Here, there is a family tree with miscellaneous family information and extracts from registers for Hugh McCulloch born 1822 and his descendants - some of the extracts being from Dalmellington Parish.

Photographs of some of the McCullochs are disaplyed on a board and one of the family gravestones which can be found in Carsphairn kirkyard is on the "gravestone" board.

Some information about dykes built by them as well as an amusing story about them is included.

There is a considerable amount of material about James McCulloch, his poetic works but largely about his dealings with Presbytery and the later building of the United Presbyterian (UP) church. His book of poems if displayed in this exhibition.

The family has left a surviving lagacy which we can all see, firstly many of the superb dykes which can be still seen today, as stockproof as when they built them over 150 years ago and secondly the United Presbyterian Church built through the single mindedness of James McCulloch and the community who felt let down by the Clerical Scandal.

This is the first of two folder about the family.







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