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  • NL_072.pdf

    The Carsphairn Heritage Map; The Galloway Words Competition continued; Christmas Shopping; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922; Notices: World War II at the AGM AGM; N(ice) try by Dalmellington curlers; Bells Bridge by Joe Dunthorne.
  • NL_071.pdf

    'Postman’s Walk’ by John Herries McCulloch; It’s a Tough Language; Ownership of Carsphairn from 1509; Notice:Autumn Buffet Supper; The Lorg Conventicle.
  • NL_070.pdf

    Ownership of Carsphairn from 1509; More of that Wise Wo-man; Identifying a mystery object; Galloway words – answers; Heritage Centre Visits; Notice - Lorg Conventicle; A Poetic Family History Search.
  • NL_069.pdf

    Chairman’s Report on 2004; Precautions in an Emergency; The Mutual Improvement Society, Woodhead Mine, Carsphairn 1849-1850; How good is your language.
  • NL_024.pdf

    Chairman’s Notes; Carsphairn Revisited; Frontispiece: Peddy Train by Jane Abel; Endangered Speeches; The Change in Farm Names Over The Centuries; 100 Years Ago and 70 Years Ago (Extracts from Dumfries Standard); Ode to the Heritage Centre.
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