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    The present church was built in 1815 on the site where there had been a church since 1636. Inside are several interesting plaques and one of the four remaining central communion tables in Scotland. In the churchyard are to be found some notable gravestones. At the north east end there used to be an outside staircase to the miner's gallery, now demolished.
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    Legend has it that there are gold coins in the Green Well of Scotland. They were deposited by a Dr Dodds whenhe was apprehended by Customs and Excise Officer who were interested in his work in converting local gold into coins for the West Indies.
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    From the road to the mine this sepia photo shows the layout of the mine. The nearest buildings are the smelter houses and assay office with the water wheel behind. Then the waste heaps, or byngs, with the schoolhouse just visible behind the centre of the largest one. Then come two rows of miner's cottage uphill from the schoolhouse with the magazine a very small white building in isolation behind them and finally Office Row behind the row of trees at the top. The mine manager's house, a smithy etc were among these buildings. Lead ceased to be mined in 1873 and by the 1890s the population of the community had shrunk to just sixteen. See Heritage Trail 3
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    Found in Photo_376 (album). To: Miss J B MacMillan, Carsphairn, Kirkcudbrightshire. Athol Palace Hotel, Pitlochry 24-7-23. This is a bridge over the “Tummel”. We were over it yesterday. The supports at each end are tipped with gold and it looks pretty when the sun is shining. There has been a lot of rain but nearly always at night so we have got very little of it. We go home on Friday. Kind regards to all M. Brown
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