Carsphairn Archive



The memorial inscriptions in Carsphairn Kirkyard were surveyed by the Manpower Services in the 1970s. The list has since been amended by the volunteers of Carsphairn Heritage Group to fill in some of the blanks, correct errors and better correlate inscriptions, numbers and locations.

The plan shown here is a best approximation of the location of graves and memorials, and should be viewed alongside the numbered list of inscriptions which you can download.


We have inscriptions for 231 memorials in the old section of the Kirkyard and Kirk itself; of which we currently have photographs of 1-100 plus a few others.

The numbered photos in the gallery correspond with the numbers on the plan and in the pdf as far as possible.

Not all memorials have been photographed yet; please get in touch if you'd like to help!

Graves in the New Section are more recent and are only included at the request of the family concerned.

How to find an inscription

  1. Download the Inscription List pdf above.
  2. Search for the name by clicking EDIT, then FIND and typing the name in the search box. The name will be highlighted in the text.
  3. Note the number of the gravestone beside the inscription.
  4. Look in the following numbered sections to see if we have a photo of the gravestone.

If you're visiting Carsphairn

  • Use the green map above to find the approximate location of the gravestone.
  • If we don't currently have a photograph of your family's gravestone, we'd love to add it to our archive. Please email us!