Carsphairn Archive



The Tailor

Thomas Crawford Blythe was the tailor in the village from 1871 to 1891. He found that he could not support his large family from his work in Carsphairn and so, in 1891 they moved to Glasgow.

Mr Norman Blythe, his grandson, now living in New Galloway remembers his grandfather's funeral in 1923 at which an old man came to him and explained that he was wearing his "best breeks" for the funeral and that they had been made for him by Thomas Blythe about forty years previously (1883).

Tailor's Goose

A smoothing iron for Serge-like materials. It was used in the same way as the smaller domestic sad-irons which were very common.

It is said that the name was given because on some irons the handle was open-ended and like the head of a goose surmounting a large body.