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Burnfoot Cotage, home of  Hugh McCulloch, Stonedyker

The McCulloch family were stonedykers who lived in Carsphairn and at Burnfoot in the 1880's and 1890's. Another branch of the family had left Carsphairn to work as stonedykers and masons in the Campbeltown area in the 1870's.


A Galloway dyker

From the evidence we have, the last survivors of the family locally were Mary who died in New Galloway in 1933 and James who died in Carsphairn in 1924.

Letter from John Waugh, Gamekeeper on Knockgray.
The Ligget February 4th 1869
I beg to inform you that I have taken estimates for the Dyke at the Ligget James Guffie 7 shillings per rood, William McCulloch 7 shillings per rood, Thomas McCulloch and Andrew McCormick 6 shillings and ninepence per rood the most of the stones will be bad to get. I have put in the ball plants at the Ligget the high winds is very severe on them there has been a very severe frost and snow here and very stormy weather since the thaw. Mr Paterson of Muirdrochwood desired me to say the days corsing was to be as soon as the weather would answer if we would have the liberty of crosing your land as formerley
Your humble servant, John Waugh

Extracts from a Pocket Book of Receipted Bills kept by Alexander W M Clark Kennedy

No. Address and Trade Date Name Amount
89 Stonedyker, Burnfoot N.B.* 1872 Hugh McCulloch £14.12.0
90 Stonedyker, Carsphairn N.B.* 1872 James McCuffie £18.11.3

* N.B. = North Britain

Colonel Clark Kennedy also kept an estimate for:

"Garden Wall at Knockgray at 10/- per rood, all materials supplied, to be completed in a thoroughly tradesman-like manner. Hugh McCulloch & Sons 1872."

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