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Fishing at Tinkler's Loup

Fishing in the Parish

The Parish has always been an excellent area for the Trout Fisherman. The native Brown Trout has always provided excellent sport being a "bonny fighter" when caught and needing skill and cunning to catch in the first place. And the wild "brownie" is incomparable for eating.

There were plenty of them too in the rivers, burns and lochs of the Parish. But apart from visiting "fishers" staying in the area they did not in themselves generate much trade or employment. Salmon, however, are a different matter and where there is good salmon fishing there will generally be "ghillies" to administer it.

There are salmon indeed on the West boundary at Loch Doon and also in the East boundary in the Ken. They also attempted to come up the Deugh but could get no further into the Parish that the Deugh Lynn at the Tinkler's Loup between Carminnows and Marscalloch. Both farms being originally part of the Knockgray Estate.

Capt. Kennedy certainly caught a very considerable number on Carminnows below this point. A good pool being just below where the present dam is and where there is still the old wooden marker showing what height the water attained.

For instance his catches in September/October 1891 were : 7 Salmon - heaviest fish 14lbs - caught in "Wee Alder Post" and "Alder Stump Pool" on 8 days fishing.

In August/September 1892 - 12 Salmon - heaviest fish 10lbs in the same Pools on 5 days fishing.


However as early as August 1873 Captain Clark Kennedy was planning to bring Salmon into the main Deugh River System by making a Salmon "ladder" at the Deugh Lynn but as recorded below, this met considerable opposition and in fact was never proceeded with.


Finally it may be of interest to record that there is currently a strong movement afoot to investigate the Salmon situation in the Dee and Ken which might lead, even now, to Salmon coming up to Carsphairn and beyond. One of our members - Robin Ade - being a leading light in the movement.