Carsphairn Archive



Since 1969 Lagwyne Hall has hosted a traditional Burns Supper for local residents and their family and friends.

Over the years many volunteers have given their time and energy to ensure each of these celebrations were a huge success. There have been numerous inspirational speakers and musicians from many different backgrounds, each bringing their own taste of life experience and love of Burns.

The celebrations have not been without drama too; heavy snow storms on several occasions and the odd power cut, but all in all success, positivity, great enjoyment and a sense of community spirit.


The spreadsheet list all known speakers/performers from 1969 to 2019. There are a few details missing, perhaps you can help complete them?

Most of the photos are from the early 1970s and then from the 2000s. We'd love to be able to complete the collection, please get in touch if you would be willing to share your photos with us, thank you!