Carsphairn Archive



In 1994 Dr Devereux from the Stewartry Museum visited the Heritage Centre and made copies of some of the many photographs held in albums, as well as photographs lent by the local community.

The copies were made into slides and Dr Devereux presented these at a talk at the Heritage Group Spring Buffet Supper in May 1995 and they also formed the basis of the exhibtion that year called "Carsphairn Captured on Camera from 1850 Onwards".

Dr Devereux returned the following year to copy further slides and these are also incorporated in this exhibition.

We hoped that by showing this exhibtion of of early photographs of Carsphairn and the surrounding district, visitors would provide us with the "stories behind the pictures" to add detail to our wonderful pictorial record of past life in this small community.

Now, over 20 years later, we are still interested in any stories people may have about their relatives and recollections to accompany this collection.

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