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Williamina Murdoch Templeton or Bunty Scott as she was known, was born at Granny Lockerbie's cottage in Moniaive, on 14th April 1924, her mother having gone there for the birth. Then back to Moorbrock, Carsphairn, where she grew up, the youngest of seven children, in her beloved Galloway countryside, attending Stroanfreggan School until the age of fourteen.


Secondary education wasn't available to the children of the Water o' Ken in those days. Her father Walter Templeton was shepherd at Moorbrock, and her mother Joanna Coltart Smith was a contributor of letters to the local newspaper, on issues affecting children and families in the Glenkens. Bunty greatly valued her Moorbrock childhood with her siblings Mary Agnes Campbell, Helen, Isabella Joan, James Alexander, Eliza Dick and Grace Roger.

Further back in her mother’s family there were links through the New Galloway Herons to Robert Heron the writer and to Professor Alexander Murray of Dunkitterick.

Bunty used her writing as a way of recalling and recording the long ago. She had an enduring interest in country life, the Scots language, nature, and she had an enquiring and open mind. She wrote her journals in large hard backed A4 books, with black felt pen, and the pieces in this collection are from those books. Her years around Carsphairn would be remembered and held precious throughout her whole life and the friendships made at Stroanfreggan School, became lifelong, and were treasured to the last.

She died on 5th May 2014.

Bunty's writings are being transcribed by her daughter, Janette Montague and will be appear below as they become available.

Our thanks to Janette for sharing her mother's evocative writing with us.


Bunty's book Moorbrock Memories: The Poetry and Prose of Bunty Scott is still available from Carsphairn Heritage Initiative. Please email for more details.