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Visit to the Wind Farm


Visit to Windy Standard Wind Farm on 24th August 1996, a year before Bunty's visit

Visit to the Wind Farm

19th July 1997

Courtesy of Wind Farm owners and National Power, Fred Olsen and Nordtank Energy.

What a trip we had intae oor weel kent hameland wi views o Cairnsmore o Carsphairn, Benniner, Moorbrock, Clenoch and an open view all around us of Glen Aftonetc. A very kind young member of our host’s family kindly lifted my two sticks, and my old friend of the glen and I, into his mountain vehicle and transported us to a fine view of the wee squibbly Bow Burn and the Blackburn further out . And thoughts of beloved Daddy shepherding the Clenoch when he was young – once great grandpa (Alexander Smith) and mother (Joanna Coltart Smith) were going to church, trotting along in the clip clop of the pony’s hoofs -imagine the scene. Grandpa said to mother ‘See way ower yon hills lives/bides a man, just him an his twa dogs. (She would later marry that man – Walter Templeton. Many a time mother told us that.

Memories flooded in as I viewed near and far from the Windy Standard Hill above the Clenoch Bothy. Today with my faithful school friend from Stroanfreggan (Nancy Dalziel later Sinclair) and Jean’s birthday tomorrow (Jean Bell later Scott late of Craigengillan) and her leaving on holiday, I am sitting dying to tell her of our experiences, about to lift the phone when it rings – and it’s Jean. Coincidence? Telepathy?

Great minds think alike call it what you will.