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Old Auchrae


Mary Davidson, Auchrae on the right with Bessie and Gracie Templeton, Moorbrock.

Old Auchrae

There’s a bonnie wee hoose on the brink o the broo
An the memories tied up in it fill ma hairt fu’
The vibes o lang syne seem tae hing roon the wa’s

Where sae much still remains, o aa the place was.

The wa’s stoot an strong stood the hard winter storms,
An yon bonnie wee windaes let in the bird songs
There’s an air o contentment an peace evermore
When vibes o tranquillity meet folks at the door.

It’s a bonnie wee shielin, humble and small
An few would believe time can’t blow down its walls
There’s a stable fornent it just left to the wind
An the old haunt stirs up childhood memories within.

It’s ruined, it’s done, yet something still lives
And deep are the feelings old buildings can give
Like the old cottage garden, it travels our minds
To the peace and contentment folks sent forth lang syne.

Rayed out lang syne.


Bunty's handwrittten poem "Old Auchrae".