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Friendships Dear


Friendships Dear

Again we meet wi lichtsome minds
Gyan ower tales o Auld Lang Syne
And youth’s short hour inspires warmth
As we gather roon the cottar’s hearth.

Rememberin years up the Ken
An folks that settled in the glen
An work-a-days an simple pleasures
Where neebors shared baith work an leisure.

An movin on tae later years we tell experiences guid or drear
An see each life as a story book(A the different paths we took)
Yet ayeways meetin noo an thentae share memories o up the Ken.

The Lorg, The Holm, an by Corlae, Polcheskie, Strahanna and lane Auchrae
Craigengillan an Moorbrock – we a consisted o herdin folk.
We neebored ither for mony a year sae a get-thegither creates a richt nice atmosphere.

Tranquil vibes in simple life – tales o the Glenkens
An the workin day in the life
O a hill herd’s wife.