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    Flora and Fauna of Carsphairn

    1992 the Heritage Group along with pupils from Carsphairn Primary School presented an exhibition of slides depicting many varieties and species of flora and fauna found in and around Carsphairn.

    In this digital exhibition (scanned on 30th October 2019) we attempt to show you a flavour of the original presentation.

    Some slides are yet to be located and we will add these at a later date.

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    Wildlife of the Glenkens

    A carefully observed and meticulously recorded study of the Wildlife in the Glenkens....

    Painstakingly executed by Sue Wiseman - 2002

    Sue is a long-standing supporter of Carsphairn Heritage Group and former committee member. Her wonderful artwork and humourous observations have helped illustrate many exhibitions. We are forever grateful for her unrivalled talent. This exhibition is a dedication to her work.