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Carsphairn Village Shop Ltd (CVSL)

Carsphairn's shop has been community owned since 1995 when the premises became available for purchase. In danger of losing this valuable community asset, a Community Council steering group raised the funds necessary to purchase the shop premises for the community. Carsphairn Village Shop Ltd (CVSL) was then formed to manage the shop and its tenants.


Current Office Bearers -

Chairman - Rory Clark Kennedy

Company Secretary - Sandy Moffat

Secretary - Gail Challis

Treasurer - Rory Clark Kennedy

Property Inspector - David McMillan

Board Members - Karen Hall, Nigel Martin, Jean Cowley, Trevor Molineux, Fiona Clubb

To contact CVSL, please email the Chairman.

Membership is open to all residents of the community for which a membership costing £1 per person is paid annually. This gives members a voting right at the AGM in June.

An invitation to join the membership and membership forms are available below.

CVSL Membership Invitation

CVSL Membership Form 2018/19

CVSL is a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered at Companies House. The Board of management is made up of local people who are members of the company and who apply to become Directors, giving up their time for free. The Directors are the Landlords and maintain the building and liaise with the tenants.

The Directors are not paid and are not responsible for any debts incurred by the company.

CVSL Director's Application Form 2018/19

CVSL's Companies House entry