The Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on THURSDAY 9th February 2017 in Lagwyne Hall at 7.30pm. A committee meeting to arrange the 2017 Show will follow.  Judges names will be required. 



Carsphairn Show 2016 Main Schedule
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2016 Carsphairn Show Industrial schedule
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Date Loaf Recipe for 2016 Show
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125th annual Carsphairn Show held on Saturday 4th June at The  Crofts, Carsphairn by kind permission of Messrs McMorran.

Sheep entries were slightly up on the day and gate numbers were extremely up from last year. The hall was well attended. There were  18 competitors ran the hill race. The dog trial had a good entry.

Interbreed Champion: J Thomson, Marr Cottage - Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Hogg

Overall Blackface Champion : J&F Burns, Craignell – Ewe

Confined Blackface Champion – J&F Burns, Craignell – Ewe

Open Blackface Champion – A Lockhart, Culdoach – Ewe Hogg

Commercial Champion – RJ Shennan, Farden – Ewe & Mule Twin Lambs

Mule Champion -  A Brown, Macqueston – Ewe Lamb

Bluefaced Leicester Champion – J Thomson, Marr Cottage – Ewe Hogg

Any Other Breed Champion – G Paterson, Moss Nae –  Beltex Shearling Tup

Cup Winners


Greenlees Cup – Craignell

Solway Agriculture Prize – Craignell

Knockgray Cup – Craignell

Ben Wilson Cup – R&E Nixon, Marbrack

Callendar cup – W Wallace, Fingland

Kaphos Cup – Troloss Farms

Best Group (open) – Troloss

Tom Hamilton Cup & SA prize – I Bond, Glen

Ian Brown Memorial Trophy – Glen

Hired Shepherd’s Cup – D Kennedy, Troloss

Society Cup & SA prize (best male) – Y Watson, Knockbreck

Cooper MacDougall Cup (best female) – Culdoach

John Murray Cup – Troloss

Milnmark Cup – Culdoach

Society Cup – Knockbreck

Earlston Cup – Craignell

Rodney Fortnum Cup – Culdoach



Marbrack Cup – Fingland

Society Shield – RJ Shennan, Farden

100th Show Trophy –  Farden



WCF Trophy –  Macqueston

R Burnie prize – J Guild, Laight


Bluefaced Leicester;

Glenhowl Trophy – Marr Cottage

Macmin prize – Macqueston


Any Other Breed ;

Hamish Stoddart Trophy – Moss Nae

Macmin prize – Moss Nae


Interbreed; Judge – Mr James Edgar, Newfield, Dalry.

Furmiston Trophy – Marr Cottage



Confined - Judge; Mr Danny Hair, Cairnhandy, Ardwell.

Tup Hogg;  1stCraignell  2nd Fingland   3rd Marbrack

Ewe Hogg;  1st  Marbrack  2nd Fingland  3rd Fingland

Ewe & Lamb;  1st Craignell  2nd Fingland  3rd Waterside

Ewe Lamb;  1st Fingland  2nd Lowes  3rd Marbrack

Tup Lamb;  1st Fingland  2nd Marbrack  3rd Marbrack

Group of 3;  1st Craignell  2nd Fingland  3rd Marbrack

Open - Judge; Mrs Una Hodge, Kirkland, Kirkconnel.

Tup 2 yr& over;   1st Craig  2nd Drannandow  3rd Troloss

Tup Hogg (rough);  1st Troloss  2nd Dalwyne  3rd Balrazzie

Tup Hogg (clipped);  1st Glen  2nd Craig  3rd Glen

Ewe & Lamb;  1st Troloss  2nd Knockbreck  3rd Craig

Shepherd’s Ewe & Lamb;  1st D Kennedy, Troloss  2nd D McMillan, Troloss

Ewe Hogg;  1st Culdoach  2nd Balrazzie  3rd Culdoach

Shepherd’s Ewe Hogg;  1st R McTaggart, Glen  2nd D Kennedy, Troloss  3rd A McMillan, Dalwyne

Tup Lamb;  1st Knockbreck  2nd Dalwyne  3rd Balrazzie

Ewe Lamb; 1st Troloss  2nd Culdoach  3rd Troloss

Pair of Tup Hoggs; 1st Troloss

Pair of Ewe Hoggs;  1st Balrazzie  2nd Troloss


Commercial - Judge; Mr John Edgar, 23 Main Street, Dalry.

Blackface Ewe & Pure Twin Lambs; 1st Fingland  2nd Knockgray  3rd Waterside

Blackface Ewe & Scotch Mule Twin Lambs; 1st Farden  2nd Cullinaw  3rd Waterside



Mules - Judge; Mr John Edgar

Ewe Lamb;  1st Macqueston  2nd Cullinaw    3rd Farden

Ewe Hogg; 1st Laight  2nd Laight

Ewe;  1st Laight


Bluefaced Leicester - Judge; Mr John Edgar

Female;  1st Marr Cottage  2nd Glenhowl  3rd Glenhowl

Tup Lamb;  1st Marr Cottage  2nd Marr Cottage  3rd Glenhowl

Ewe Lamb;  1st Macqueston  2nd Macqueston  3rd Marr Cottage


Any Other Breed - Judge; Mr John Edgar

Male;  1st Moss Nae  2nd Moss Nae  3rd Carsfad

Female;  1st Moss Nae  2nd Moss Nae  3rd Carsfad

Tup Lamb;  1st Moss Nae  2nd Carsfad

Ewe lamb;  1st Moss Nae  2nd Moss Nae  3rd Carsfad



Pets - Ms Sally Heggie, Deugh cottages, Carsphairn.

1st  Kaela Somo  2nd Hannah Ade  3rd William Nash


Dogs - Judge; Ms Sally Heggie.

1st Kaela Somo  2nd William Nash  3rd Grace Temple



Junior Sheep Handler - Judge; Mr James Edgar, Newfield, Dalry.

1st  Blair Guild  2nd Alexander Brown  3rd Sam Tait


Sheep Dog Trial - Judge; Mr Scott Anderson, Dunnabie Corner,Waterbeck.

Open;  1st WJ Welsh – Jimmy   2nd JR Welsh – Sam  3rd A Jardine – Elssie

Confined;  1st I Robertson – Bill  2nd E Craig – Shep  3rd D McMillan – Craig

Young Handlers;  1st A Mair – Wispa



Collie Dogs - Judge; Mr Danny Hair

Male;  1st George Carnochan – Fleet  2nd Christine Welsh – Sam  3rd David McMillan – Craig

Female;  1st Ian Robertson – Foe  2nd Sandy McCulloch – Fern  3rd Gordon Hodge – Cass

Overall Winner; Ian Robertson – Foe



Hogg Judging

Blackface Hoggs – Mrs I Cuthbertson

Cross Hoggs – Lucy Clark Kennedy



Hill Race

Overall;  1st Adam Anderson  2nd Craig Malcolmson  3rd Mark Hannay

1st Lady; Vicky Hart

1st Junior; Andrew Ramsay


Children's Sports

Running race
1st Alfie Patterson
2nd Max McQuin
3rd Hugh Richmond

1st Matthew Sinclair
2nd Megan McQuin
3rd Molly McFegan

1st James Ade Macrae
2nd Ross Richmond
3rd Naomi McCreath

Washing line race
Pre school
1st Max McQuin
2nd Hugh Richmond
3rd Robert Burns

1st Matthew Sinclair
2nd Hugh Richmond
3rd Elkie Anderson

1st Iona McFegan
2nd Naomi McCreath
3rd Ross Richmond

Tattie & spoon
Pre school
1st Hugh Richmond
2nd Lawrie Anderson
3rd Max McQuin

1st Matthew Sinclair
2nd Megan McQuin
3rd Elkie Anderson

1st James Ade Macrae
2nd Ross Richmond
3rd Iona McFegan

Hopping race
Pre school
1st Hugh Richmond
2nd Robert Burns
3rd Max McQuin

Sack race
1st Matthew Sinclair
2nd Megan McQuin
3rd Molly McFegan

1st James Ade Macrae
2nd Iona McFegan
3rd Ross Richmond

Backwards running race
Pre school
1st Hugh Richmond
2nd Max McQuin
3rd Maisie Patterson

1st Matthew Sinclair
2nd Megan McQuin
3rd Molly McFegan

1st James Ade Macrae
2nd Ross Richmond
3rd Iona McFegan

Three legged race
1st Maisie & Alfie Patterson
2nd Megan & Max McQuin
3rd Molly McFegan & Matthew Sinclair.



BBC Alba filmed the Dog Trials at the 2013 Show - this was broadcast in January 2014,

Confined Blackface Champion from Craignell Mule Champion and Overall Champion from Farden, Maybole Bluefaced Leicester Champion from Glenhowl
 Open and Supreme Champion Blackface from Marbrack  Young Handling Champion  Young Handlers Class being judged

To read about the history of Carsphairn Show, CLICK HERE to see an article written about the Show, excerpts from which have been published in the Glenkens Gazette and the Carsphairn Heritage Newsletter.

   Carsphairn Pastoral and Horticultural Society was founded in Carsphairn in
1875 to promote the agricultural produce of the Parish, and to encourage  competition within the growers and the livestock breeders.

 Sheep breeding is the main agricultural activity of the area and  an Annual Show is held every year in the Village. The Show is always held on  the first Saturday in June. In Scotland, Carsphairn Show is considered one of  the most prestigious Shows at which to win a red ticket in the Blackface Sheep Breed.


Schedules are available from April onwards, and there are  classes for Sheep, Dogs, Handcrafts and Horticultural exhibits. There is also  an all day Open Sheep Dog Trial, with usually about 70 dogs taking part. With  the exception of the Dog Trial, entries for everything are accepted on the day  of the show.


Other events on the day are a Children’s Pet Class, Children’s  Races and a Hill Race for the fittest. Baking, handcraft and horticultural  entries are judged and displayed in Lagwyne Hall.


The Show is run by the Society and with the help of many local  Patrons, visitor entry costs are kept to a minimum. There is a small entry fee  on the day for adults, but children under 12 are allowed in free.