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The Heritage Centre has a new Exhibition every year to reflect a different aspect of life in Carsphairn. These are being archived by our volunteers and will be viewable below.

Remains and standing buildings are part of every community but in Carsphairn parish old buildings have been largely undisturbed by the hand of man and natural decay and neglect has caused their ruination.

These many reminders of a previous population stand besides current buildings, some adapted from their previous purpose but all providing part of the rich heritage in an isolated parish which once boasted a far greater population than now.

Old post offices, pubs, churches, isolated shepherds cottages, big houses, miners’ rows and other buildings (even though they might be remains or even a memory) have all played a part in the fabric of our community life.

Their adaptation to our current way of life takes us through the social changes that have occurred in this community over the centuries. The rate of change has accelerated over the last fifty years but we are privileged here to have glimpses of the past in the buildings as well as written knowledge about them and their occupants.

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2016 Local Tales and Legends and Spooky Stories

2015 Carsphairn Kirk A Church in the Heart of The Hills

2014 Petticoat Tales Women of Carsphairn

2013 Sheep and Shortbread A History of Carsphairn Show

2012 An Officer and a Gentleman

2011 Legacies From The Loft

2010 Captured on Camera - a Photographic Exhibition

2009 Carsphairn - Coming Home

2008 Kale, Cake and Cures

2007 Carsphairn - The Sporting Life

2006 The Killing Times

2005 A Carsphairn Family - 300 Years at Knockgray

2004 A Carsphairn Family - 300 Years at Knockgray

2003 Ten Years On - A Celebration

2002 Schools of the Glenkens Over The Centuries

2001 The Inside Story

2000 Carsphairn Exhibition 2000

1999 Centuries of Communication at Carsphairn

1998 All about Ewe - Sheep

1997 Petticoat Rule - the Women of Carsphairn

1996 Cornerstones of Carsphairn

1995 Arts & Crafts in Carsphairn, also Carsphairn and the Glenkens

1994 Trades, Crafts and Skills in Carsphairn in the 1890s, also Forestry in Carsphairn

1993 Carsphairn During WWII, also The Galloway Hydro Electric Power Scheme

1992 Flora & Fauna of Carsphairn

1991 A Century of Change

1990 The Kirk at Carsphairn

1989 Farming

1988 Local Tales and Legends

1987 Leadmining at Woodhead