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Community Woodland

CCT's Carsphairn Future Plan Survey identified the need for a community woodland in the local area.

In 2016, the Community Council was informed that as part of the Forestry Enterprise Scotland Repositioning Programme, Carsphairn community has an opportunity to buy up to 324 hectares of coniferous woodland that makes up Muirdrochwood (on the B729 beside Kendoon Loch - see map).

CCT have started to look at the possibility of purchasing the woodland on behalf of the Community. An early part of this process is to secure funding for consultants to run a feasibility study, and a crucial part of the application is to evaluate the level of community support. It is envisaged that any potential purchase and development would be funded from external sources.

Other similar projects in the UK have allowed communities to purchase woodland using grant funding to -

  • Improve access and amenity value.
  • Provide recreational facilities.
  • Create direct and indirect employment opportunities.
  • Provide Education and Training facilities.
  • Improve habitat and increase the wildlife value of woodland.
  • Manage woodland more sustainably.
  • Provide affordable local firewood and forestry products.
Map of Community Wooodland

Progress of project

In order to gauge community support, CCT undertook a survey in January 2017 to establish the level of interest and support in such a project.

CCT have been progressing with the project over the last few months with the view to placing an application to Forestry Estate Scotland (FES) under their Community Assets Transfer Scheme (CATS).

We are currently working on funding a Feasibility Study that would determine how we proceed with the project.