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Templates used to copy old communion tokens + 2 tokens

Framed miniature of unknown man

Framed miniature of unknown man & woman

Pew numbers from Free Kirk, Dalry

Acknowledgement to Mary Templeton from HM the Queen Mother

Glass fronted colour photo of an unidentified soldier

Communion Tokens celebrating 350th anniversary 11/3/1990

Dux medal 1873 awarded to John McKay

Dux Medal undated awarded to Jane McMillan

Dux Medal 1874 awarded to Margaret Mackay

Photo frames, wallet type green leather, Edwardian couple?


Handkerchiefs 2, won by Mrs Mccutcheon for baking, 1955

pH Testing Kit

Medal awarded to Thomas Bell Lamloch 1885

Forde Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

Mitchell Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

Drinking Vessel, belonging ot Sir Robert Grierson of Lagg (responsible for for the persecution of the covenanters from 1660 to 1685, from Garryhorn Farm.)

Bag of coins

Bus tokens, several on string, 1990


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Metal fixing for drawer found at Lagwyne Cottage c 1790
An Appreciation (Joyce Hunter Blair); A Carsphairn Mystery; The milk clipping; The Pig.
The Future of Carsphairn Heritage Group; Punch-up at Greenhead!!!; Another election (1784); Carsphairn Field Trip.

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Our continuing story of Carsphairn’s Huts; The Cremation of Ramsay’s Hut; The Lorg.
Turner’s Holiday hut at the Greenwell of Scotland 1950’s; Chairman’s Report for 2016; Of Huts and Holidays; The Hut; Holidays in the Hut.
The Tour of Britain 2016; The Glenkens Canal; The Great Storm and Power Cut of 1998-99; Baling at Marbrack in the 70’s.
The Fiddler's Bridge; Report on the season; The Willy-Willy on Carlin's Cairn; John Mackay of Carsphairn and Ballantrae; Maggie McCrae Mackay.
Local Tales and Legends and Spooky Stories; From our Photographic Files; Letters from Carsphairn; Jenny wi’ the airn teeth.

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Chairman’s Report for 2015; The Galloway Railways revisited Part1.

Famous Glenkens People – Robert Milligan; Answers to Quiz; Was Rev C.H. Dick ever United Free minister in Carsphairn?; “Who are You?”.
General Sir Alexander Kennedy Clark 1782 – 1865; Now Where is That in the Carsphairn area? (Quiz); G61 to DG6.
The Pre-1815 Church Building; Extracts from Kirkcudbright Advertiser Friday, January 18th , 1867 - Carsphairn Sabbath School.
Chairman’s Report for 2014; Carsphairn Church Communion 1934; Another Carsphairn connection to a Great War VC; Memories of Glenrosa, Carsphairn.
The Scotch Draper; Peat Cutting; The first Carsphairn casualty in World War 1; Halfmark Conventicle.
Rev John Semple of Carsphairn Part 2; Air Crew Remembered Campbell McIntosh McMillan; The Braes O’ Glenlee
2014 exhibition; Carsphairn Shepherds Society; Rev John Semple; Rainfall, Galloway News 1915.
The Winter of 2013/14 in Carsphairn; Mary Timney – The Road to the Gallows by Jane Baldwin; A visit to Brochloch; Carsphairn 1745; Obituary Rev John Miller; Titbits from The Galloway News 24 December 1960 Rural Round: Carsphairn
2013 season; Annual General Meeting; Walk to the Leadmines; Catstrand Talk; All the threes - Significant events in Carsphairn from 1723 to 2013; 1913 Carsphairn Show - extract from the Galloway News; World War 1 1914 - 1918

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Monumental Inscriptions Update; Carsphairn Show; Conventicle near the Palfern Burn, Clatteringshaws, Sunday April 28th 2013; The Coronation Celebrations Carsphairn news reported in the Galloway News on 6th June 1953; Memories of Carsphairn. John…
The Man’s The Gowd for a’ That; Extracts - Galloway News (16 June 1958), Carsphairn Road Improvement, Carsphairn Parish Church Kirk Session minute book (22 September 1932), Kirkcudbright Advertiser (June 8, 1900), Piece in the Kirkcudbrightshire…

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Chairman’s Report 2012, given at the Annual General Meeting on 5th December 2012; Walking the Galloway Hills in the 1930s; Janet and Her Web (from Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal Nov 9th 1833, p.328); Lag's Bed; 2013 Exhibition.
Review of past 99 editions.
List of Heads of Households, Carsphairn Parish in 1736; Some Stories Behind Carsphairn Show; Wee Tam’s First Day at the Kirk.
The 2012 exhibition -The best yet?; Carsphairn Church Matters; A Carsphairn Centenarian; Those boots were made for walking (apologies to Nancy Sinatra); Carsphairn Heritage Centre 20th Anniversary.
Carsphairn Heritage Group AGM, 18th November 2011, Chairman’s Report; 2011 Exhibition; newspaper articles from Miss Diana Lawrence; The Ascent of Cairnsmoor by three old men in March 1890. Composed by Rev James Mather (Minister of the United Free…
Shiel of Castlemaddie Bothy; A Landscape Full of Secrets; Extract from the Report of the Proceedings at the Institution of “The Muir Scholars’ prizes Fund” in connection with the Free Endowed School Dalry (Thursday 16th August 1866); Celtic Crosses;…
My Mackay Family Roots; Type Cast; Woodhead Dog Cemetery?; The Shiel of Castlemaddie; My Search for the Hope Family (part 2); Recent Local Place Names
My Search for the Hope Family (Part 1); Shiel of Castlemaddie; Carsphairn Reminiscences 2 (1940).
75th Anniversary of Carsphairn Women’s Rural Institute; Obituary Rhoda Campbell; Buses by Joyce Hunter Blair; Walk on the Wild Side by Ruth Williams; Names of local features by Anna Campbell.
Chairman’s Report for 2010; Marie Mackay’s Earliest Reminiscences of Carsphairn from outbreak of WWII and evacuation; Carsphairn Church (appeal form David Richmond); Mr David Kirk and the Galloway Power Scheme.
Heritage Centre Quiz; Carsphairn Captured on Camera 1885-2010; Miss Ida Hay McMillan; Stroanfreggan Walk (July 16 2010) by Robin Ade; Evacuees in Carsphairn; A Kidnapped Lass of Galloway by Ned Maxwell.
Lt Colonel John Clark Kennedy M.C. 1919-2010, An Appreciation; Anniversaries; Jamieson House; The late C. E. Stewart, Carsphairn, Portrait of a Rural Postman; Carsphairn Golf Course; From the History of Galloway, Volume I, published 1841; Corsefairne…
Chairman’s Report 2009; Some Gaelic Place-Names along the southern section of the pack road (between Carnavel and Polmaddy) in Carsphairn Parish; The experiences of a Land Girl.
From the chairman – Carsphairn Coming Home Exhibition; Carsphairn Golf Club; The Myth of Tarmacadam; Plane Crash; Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; My Flight to South Africa by Sally Gilroy; Cold Comfort by Sue Wiseman.
2009 exhibition; Mid season report; Narrow escape from drowning and intrepid conduct in Carsphairn; A Carsphairn Lass – recollections of Betty McNally; Furmiston, Carsphairn the 120th anniversary of the Jubilee of John Harper.
Carsphairn Coming Home; Furmiston Commemoration Walk & Celebration; Extract from the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; Conventicle at Marscalloch; A Welsh emigrant’s voyage to America in 1887.
Chairman’s Report – 2008 AGM; Kale, Cakes, Cures and the Credit Crunch; One Day Conference at Catstrand Saturday 9th May 2009; Newspaper clippings – Pairs Bowling Tournament, 1960 and WRI; The Newsletter; The Bardennoch Hill Walk; Stewards (appeal).
Reflections of the Chair – by Agnes Holden; More Jamieson Letters; A Parable for 2008; Some Names in Carsphairn and their meaning; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society.
A Cure from the Archives; The Fiddlers Brig by Jim McNae; The Jamieson letters; New Book Information; More Tales from The Barber’s Chair – Strange Gadgets, Strange Beliefs.
Kail, Cakes and Cures – Our Kitchen Heritage, the 2008 exhibition; Stroanfreggan Bowling Club – The Beginnings; Tales for the Barber’s Chair; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805 (letters); That Round The World Flying Trip in 1922, The Last Word;
2007 AGM Report; Carsphairn U.P. Church Christmas Treat; Cross Keys Inn, Carsphairn; Remembrance Day 2007; The Glencairn Memorial Book
The 2007 Season; Cricket Match in 2008???; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society; The Dundeugh Birtwhistles; The winning sermon; The Autumn Buffet, September 2007; A Grocery List from 1803; The Seaton Family.
Update on our 2007 season’s activities; The Campbell Family; Extract from Dumfries and Galloway Standard of June 10th 1914 (Dust Nuisance at Carsphairn); Advert: The Quaint and The Curious (A quiz by Sandy Gilchrist); Donation of Bench by Mr & Mrs…
Carsphairn – The Sporting Life; Other People’s Heritage; More Cricket Results; A school game; An adventure on Carsphairn Curling Pond.
The Chairman’s Report at the 2006 AGM; Cricket at Carsphairn; Appeal for ‘Carsphairn – The Sporting Life’; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805; Carsphairn Cricket Club
The 2006 season; Autumn Buffet supper; Campbell McIntosh McMillan (Flt. Sgt) 1914-1945; Carsphairn Total Abstinence Society; The Rhinns of Kells (excerpt)
2006 Update; Advert: Autumn Buffet Supper; Window Tax: Waterhead and Lagwyne; The Killing Times – A Tour Around the Sites; Two Deaths in the Killing Times; Notices: AGM and The Stewards’ Lunch.
The Killing Times in the Glenkens; Have you ever seen a Carsphairn Red?; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922, Part III; Notice: Guide to the Sites of the Covenanters; Carved sandstone slab found in Carsphairn; Answers to questions set by a…
Chairman’s Report on 2005 AGM in November; Carsphairn Parish Church Sunday School 1895; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922 – Part 2; World War II at the AGM last November.
The Carsphairn Heritage Map; The Galloway Words Competition continued; Christmas Shopping; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922; Notices: World War II at the AGM AGM; N(ice) try by Dalmellington curlers; Bells Bridge by Joe Dunthorne.
'Postman’s Walk’ by John Herries McCulloch; It’s a Tough Language; Ownership of Carsphairn from 1509; Notice:Autumn Buffet Supper; The Lorg Conventicle.
Ownership of Carsphairn from 1509; More of that Wise Wo-man; Identifying a mystery object; Galloway words – answers; Heritage Centre Visits; Notice - Lorg Conventicle; A Poetic Family History Search.
Chairman’s Report on 2004; Precautions in an Emergency; The Mutual Improvement Society, Woodhead Mine, Carsphairn 1849-1850; How good is your language.
Rhoda Rugg (introduction); Old Schools and Schoolmasters in the Stewartry, Carsphairn; A Visit to Craigengillan Wednesday 18 August 2004; Notice: AGM; The Buffet Supper; A713 Tourist route.
New Iron Field in Scotland; Trip to Carsphairn in 1888; Notice: A Visit to Craigengillan; Australia 2004; Sue Wiseman – A Carsphairn Resident; Notice: Autumn Buffet Supper; In Praise of the Glenkens by James McWhir; Notice: CD Rom Streams of the…
The Clark Memorandum Book; The addition of the surname Kennedy; Notice: Spring Buffet; ‘First Aid’; ‘Grit in the Eye’; Review from the Gallovidian Annual 1923; A letter from Waterloo 26th June 1815; Rejoicings at Carsphairn – Coming of Age of Lt…
Report from AGM; Jump on the Banned Wagon; Charles Wilson 1796-1872; Memories of Dundeugh, 1937 by Kenneth Dodgson.
Visitor survey; We are Survivors (For those born before 1940); East Galloway Sketches; Woodhead Mine in 1888; Notices: AGM, SCAN website; comments from Visitor’s Book.
Memories of Coronation Day 2nd June 1953; Glenkens Schools Over the Centuries;Tribute to Charles Cathcart ; The Knockgray Burial Ground by Colonel John Clark Kennedy; newspaper clippings : Consecration of the Cemetery at Knockgray and Funeral of…
Ten Tears On – A Celebration; The Visitor’s Book 2002; The last excerpt from Alexander McKay on his days at school in Carsphairn 1840s-50s; Carsphairn War Memorial; Notice: Postcards of Carsphairn; Historic Church Ceremony at Carsphairn; Notice:…
Chairman’s Report on 2002; Treasure in these Hills – or the Musings of a Metal-Detecting Minister; “Glenkens Schools over the Centuries” The Book Launch in Carsphairn; More on Alexander Mckay on his days in school in Carsphairn 1840s-1840s;
Alexander Mckay on his days in school in Carsphairn 1840s-1840s; Stroanfreggan Reunion – August 2002; Notice: AGM; Stroanfreggan School – letters from the 1950s.
The Happiest Days of Your Life; “Fragments of the History of Alexander McKay”; Notice: Volunteers Week 2002; Newspaper clipping: Glenkens trail is an education; Notice: The Heritage Group Summer Visit; 1848 Ordnance Survey Notebooks; Notice: new…
The 2002 Exhibition; Gerald and Thomas; Notice: Local History Week; 2002 Exhibition The creator’s story; The Tenth Anniversary of Carsphairn Heritage Centre; Notice: Glenkens School Concert.
Chairman’s Address at the Annual General Meeting 2001; Local History Week; Minorities & Memories, Survivals and Extinction sin Scotland and Western Europe; Notice: Wanted; Sewing Machine Hints; Filming the McAdam Story; 2001 A ‘Watch this Space’…
Notice: AGM; Alexander Frederick McAdam of Craigengillan born 10/10/1864 died 08/01/1901; The Great Carsphairn Drought; Local Places surveyed in 1848;
The Missing Cat; Donation Number One; Old MacDonald Had A …; Notice: AGM & Heritage Group Productions; Donation Number Two; Notice: Stewards Party; “Petticoat Rule – Women of Carsphairn”; Appeal: The Bakers of Carsphairn.

The Heritage Centre; The Herds’ Dance; Notices: Stewards, Spring Buffet Supper; The Census; Foot and Mouth Disease; Notice: death of Jean Abel; 2000 Visitors Book.

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Chairman's Report 2000; Holiday Presents; Poem by William Findlay Dickson.
Notice: AGM; A Generation of MacMillans 1874-1965; U.S.And THEM; More music in Carsphairn area by Mrs Peggy Hutchinson.
Spring Buffet; Visit to Eastriggs Heritage Centre; Carsphairn and the Boer War; Notice: Walks in 2000; poem; Snippet from the Diary.
The Visitor’s Book; Notice: Spring Buffet Supper; A Fireside Conversation; Another one in the series ‘A Thousand Things You didn’t want to Know’; This year’s exhibition at the Heritage Centre; Notice: Heritage Group Outing.
Chairman’s report from the 1999 AGM; Here’s another one among “A thousand things you didn’t want to know”; Further recollections of the Concert in Lagwyne Hall after WWII by Nan Gibson; Appeal: newsletter contribution.
The Concert at Lagwyne Hall Carsphairn just after WWII; Notice: AGM; Bin there, done it all; The Annual Walk – Bardennoch Hill; Mysterious Occurrent at Carsphairn; The jars of Carsphairn.
Hints for the Home; Notice: Stewards Lunch; So the Americans have never forgotten the Scots village; Notice: The Annual Walk; Book Review - “Exploring Galloway” by Mike Ansell; Loch Doon excerpt: The River Doon by Wilson MacArthur; Notice: AGM.
The 1999 Exhibition; Notice: The Spring Buffet Supper; Recollections of Hydro Electricity Coming to Carsphairn by Willie Dickson; Place Names – Changes Over the Centuries; The Magical Rowan Tree; Sheep may Safely Braise; Traffic in Carsphairn during…
Figuring it Out; Notices: new index; Chairman’s Report – 1998 Annual General Meeting; The Lending Library.

Notice: AGM; Summer in the Hills; The Annual Walk – Knockgray; Quintin McAdam’s Letters.
Notice: The Annual Walk; The Valley called Barbarusle; Notice: Heritage Group Productions; Ordnance Survey Notebook October 1847; Leadmine Walk at Black Craig; Outing to Woodhead Village and Mine (poem).
Exhibition this year “All About Ewe”; Notice: Wanlockhead; History, Heritage and Nostalgia; Notice: Summer Outing to Black Craig Lead Mine; Births, Marriages & Deaths at Woodhead Leadmine; Notice: Annual Walk; Through the Door – Carsphairn in Poetry.
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